So, You Didn’t Wear Your Retainer? I’ve Got GREAT News!!!

So you had braces and didn’t wear your retainer. Or maybe you never had braces at all. Either way, you hate that front tooth. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s right there in front and it’s crooked and it’s driving you crazy and you’ve waited and waited to get it fixed. Yeah, the one that’s tough to brush and the hygienist always tells you you need to floss better.

How do I know this?

I’ve been a dentist for over 27 years and I’ve probably seen tens of thousands of patients come through my door. When we sit in our private room and I ask: “So, what can I do to help you?” the answer for my adult patients almost always revolves around a specific tooth or area of the smile that drives them crazy.

Well, I have some amazing news for you.

  1. You don’t need braces to fix it (we’ve done a huge amount of clear aligners)
  2. It’s probably a shorter treatment time than you imagine
  3. It’s simple and easy and you’ll be able to live your life

…and the best part of all…

4. You may be a candidate for SimplyStr8, a program available only at Krieger Orthodontics and it’s 40% less than regular treatment costs.

Yep, no braces and less cost?!?! Even better, we will do a free consultation to let you know what we can do to help you get the smile of your dreams and straighten that front tooth that drives you crazy.

What are you waiting for? Contact me personally at and ask any questions of me or send photos and I can tell you if you’re a candidate for clear aligners. You can also call us at 972-899-1465 to schedule a complimentary new patient consultation.

You can also go to to learn more.

Looking forward to meeting you and helping you get the smile of your dreams. What are you waiting for?

All the best,


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