About Glenn Krieger, DDS,MS,FAGD

gk Casual copy

So, I’ve got a lot of initials after my name. It’s kind of like a badge of courage I wear after my lifetime of battle against the ever constant search for more information. I was  a cosmetic and general dentist  in both NY and Seattle, Wa for almost two decades before trading it all in to go back to school to become an orthodontist. I’ve lectured internationally and authored chapters in textbooks and dental journals.

Now, I am a specialist dedicated solely to changing lives by straightening teeth using orthodontics but my unique life trip provides me a different perspective than most when it comes to all things dental.

My passion is interacting with patients and I hope to help make people’s lives easier by sharing relevant dental topics with the public.

My orthodontic practice is in the heart of Castle Hills in Lewisville, and you can contact me through my website at KriegerOrthodontics.com   or personally at doc@KriegerOrthodontics.com .

Oh, I also have an amazing wife, three great kids and the world’s finest dog.

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